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Frequently Asked Question

1. What is ?

Ans: is an online website designed to help you to meet your daily needs by delivering at your doorstep.

2. What types of products can be ordered from ?

Ans: To let you know the clear information about the types of products, they are categorised in the homepage and they are fruits, vegetables, soap, detergent, fish, meat, bakery items, stationaries and many more.

3. Can I contact only online or can contact over phone also ?

Ans: You can contact with us online as well as over phone. Our customer service number is 0188408484 or you may send us mail to You can contact us over phone from 10 am to 10pm.

4. Why should I buy from this page ?

Ans: During this global pandemic, it's really unsafe to go to any crowded marketplace. To ensure your safety, is ready to deliver foods, groceries and others at your doorstep with free home delivery.

5. Do you deliver products outside Dinajpur ?

Ans: Everything is delivered outside Dinajpur without fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and raw meat but it comes with additional courier charge for trasportation.

6. Is there any delivery charge ?

Ans: Inside Dinajpur town there's no delivery charge but for outside delivery charge is applied.

7. Can I complain about the product quality and if I can then where ?

Ans: ensures the product quality but if you want to complain, you can contact our customer service number or send us mail.

8. Can I change or cancel my order ?

Ans: After we confirm your order, you can't change or cancel it.

9. Can I give suggestion for unavailable products ?

Ans: Absolutely, we are always open for it.

10. What is the time duration of the delivery ? What are the delivery hours ?

Ans: Our delivery hour is from 7am to 4pm.

11. What is the order process ?

Ans: The order process is very simple and convenient. Select your products, add them to cart, fill your name, address, phone number and order. You may check "HOW TO ORDER" section for better understandings.

12. How can I change provided information ?

Ans: You can change your information going to your profile.

13. How to create my own account ?

Ans: Go to Registration section. Fill up the given fields and click registration button below the form. You're ready to view your profile.

14. How to confirm order ?

Ans: You will get a call from our hotline number before we confirm your order. However, you can use "TRACK MY ORDER" section to check your order status.

15. What if I get low quality products ?

Ans: ensures products quality. However if you have any complain, you can call our hotline number. If you want to replace your product, you have to inform us within 24 hours. If possible, we will replace it instantly inside Dinajpur town. Outside, it may take 2 working days.